Image 1Thirteen-year-old Marnie Sayebrooke doesn’t know she’s one of the last Momenta—notorious for manipulating worlds and corrupting the universe. But when she’s had enough of her dead-end life in Spring Oak, California, an old book transports her to the magical realm of Anderli, where a mysterious blight has stricken the land. The trees are dying, the rivers are flooding, and the fungus that ravaged the farmlands is showing signs of re-emerging—and it’s up to Marnie to use her extrasensory powers and Triskeleon bracelet to reverse the damage.

Marnie isn’t certain she can turn the tides set by previous Momenta, let alone stop blushing around Quinn, a warlock-in-training who shows her defensive tactics. But as she grows into her abilities and starts to consider Anderli her true home, Marnie realizes the disarray is caused by a force far more sinister than any Momenta can fathom—and she’ll have to save the land before other worlds on the magical timeline start to crumble.
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About Me

Image 2Most of the time I'm a librarian, which I love, and the rest of the time I'm a writer, which I love even more.

At an HR training for my day job in 2008, the content was so soul-sucking and dry that I got out a pen and started writing the novel that had been in my head for ten years. I't's tentatively titled Momenta, and you can read the summary here. Five years later, it's finally ready, and I hope to someday find it an audience.

Image 2I wrote an article for School Library Journal entitled "What Teens are Really Reading." Last June, I was featured on the website Dear Teen Me, and I was asked to contribute a chapter to the forthcoming Now Write! Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror.

I write a blog, and created a Twitter feed. I can also be reached by email. And, if you're interested in my librarian stuff, it can be found here.


Image 2Momenta
[The Momentan Chronicles Series]

I’m currently querying my novel MOMENTA,
a YA Fantasy complete at 80,000 words.

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Through Different Eyes
[The Fuse Series]

My newest YA fantasy, THROUGH DIFFERENT EYES, is complete at 75,000 words. It's about a girl who loses an eye, but gains a new kind of sight.

Image 2

Anderson's Curse
[The Anderson Series]

My novel ANDERSON’S CURSE is a YA Paranormal Horror complete at 79,000 words.

Now Write!

Image 2Now Write: Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror

I was asked to write a chapter on character development for this book, and it was tons of fun. The book released February 2014.

School Library Journal & Book Reviews

Image 2
"What Teens are Really Reading"

In January 2012, I published an article
in School Library Journal found here.
From 2008-2012, I conducted book reviews for Library Journal. You can view some here.

Reference Renaissance: Book Chapter

Image 4

In 2009, I edited a presentation on library marketing with two other librarians into a chapter in Reference Renaissance: Current and Future Trends (Neal-Schuman, 2009). It is published under my maiden name and can be accessed here.


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